A  Testimony!

A Brother Facing The Battle Concerning Porn In His Life:  I have come to understand one of the ways I am vulnerable to porn is that the fact is “Pornography is a visual attack.”  And for me, the youtube videos found under “Praise And Worship’ on Restore Purity’s website leave me in a state of “awe and wonder” of my God’s love for me.  It is in the first 15 or so videos/songs here on this site, that help me to be proactive in strengthening my inner man against the schemes of the evil one.

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To my Brothers in Christ,

If you have been consumed with lust or have been viewing porn — then with focusing on praise and worship you will be responding in the opposite
spirit.  It is  the intent of this section  to help you to enter into the presence of our Father God.  To celebrate Him. To focus on our Lord and our Savior who is also our Brother Jesus.  To be led by our precious Holy Spirit into thanksgiving, praise and worship.  It is my hope that the songs you choose here that it would be the words of that song, the message tied to the movie “The Passion Of The Christ,” that you would find yourself meditating upon and that that song would aid you in par
ticipating the best you know how within your heart and where possible with yourself singing along.  Make sure you have confessed any unconfessed sin, (if you need help with this go to the teaching on “Repentance” on this site (it’s under the teaching category) so that you are clean as you offer up adoration to our wonderful amazing Savior.  With some songs listen and allow our Holy Spirit to minister to you and with other songs join in — with the lifting of clean hands and with a pure heart to our Great God Almighty.  Several of the songs have the lyrics for you to join in. The first 12 + Songs are all about The Cross of Jesus and what He did for us there or about His precious Blood. If you enter into You Tube you will be tempted to start picking different songs on your own – I caution against this for it could easily become a distraction from a time of Praise & Worship to our Triune God.  Listen,  watch each piece entering in the best you can then close-out You Tube and choose another from the list on the site.  (Also visit our Youtube Channel at Clean Before God and under the title “The Cross Of Jesus, you will find 1 and 1/2 hours of the same music.)   

Blessings and Success, always your friend and brother in Christ – Mike   


P. S.  For those of you who are not familiar with Youtube videos, when the video first comes up the title of that song will appear at the top of the screen.  Click on the title and you will be taken to that page within Youtube.  Click on the four arrows and you will have the video in full screen.

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