This is the follow up document from the presentation you just received.  It outlines our ministry’s future vision. We believe that you have seen the potential impact and benefits of our websites, Blog and YouTube Channel. We also are convinced that without a vision people perish. We are looking forward to partnering with you and want to include you in our future goals.

Thank you for your time in allowing me to share our vision for Purity 101 with you. As you know, this is a vital aid that will equip men of all ages. Your involvement shows us your sincere interest concerning our efforts in advancing our Father God’s Kingdom in the area of male sexual purity.

Future Vision:

We believe that this ministry is an assignment from our Father God to us. We serve the Body of Christ worldwide promoting “purity”.  We are doing this, especially with men, by having them experience a greater measure of the destiny that our Father God has in store for each of them. We are also dedicated to our subscribers by coming along side each of them to offer continued support and to serve any future needs they may have, We won’t leave those who turn to us to walk through this endeavor by themselves.

Kona, Hawaii / Atlanta, Georgia –

We are moving toward dividing our time between Kona and Atlanta to better serve the Body of Christ. Kona has Youth With A Mission’s (YWAM’s) largest campus, with upwards of 2,000 students a year. Kona will be our global launching point into “all the world.” So, we will be serving the International Christian Community while in Kona, and serving the Local Church Community during our times in Atlanta.

Streaming Webiners

Live Streaming – In order to better serve and continue the process of helping men gain freedom in purity, we will be streaming live programs on Male Sexual Purity. Again, Kona is the perfect location for this because Hawaii’s time zone makes it possible to connect online with most parts of the English-speaking world during daylight hours. When is is Hawaii Time it  is 4pm in London. Thus it is ideal to work from Hawaii during daylight time reaching Canada and the Mainland, plus all of Great Britain. This is a very large part of the English-speaking world via the Internet.  I envision doing Saturday Webiners on a weekly basis.  This is my vision!    

This is the four main teachings from “The Choice and the Challenge Seminar;”   (WEBINER)

    – “Self-Control and Masturbation,”

    – “Desire or Lust, Which Is It?”

    – “Sexual Idolatry,” and

    – “Defining Pornography.”

A Third Website

A website just for Atlanta, the site will be called Purity4Atlanta. It will be a small site, a directory of all known:

Christian Support groups (of every kind)

Men’s groups

Men’s meetings

Men’s Special Events in the Atlanta area

Locations – Dates & Times and Directions to these meetings and with this a campaign to get this site known by every church in the greater Atlanta area.


Restore Purity & Purity 101 Apps –


With the popularity of smartphones and apps for just about everything under the sun, we have started developing “Purity Apps”. The goals of these apps are to give men a support aid that can be with them anywhere they go.


 $ $ $ $ $


We have set $100,000 as our goal in bringing this vision into existence. . We have a goal of 120 subscriptions and realized that this is the minimum number of subscriptions needed to financially bring to pass this vision and we will need another 30 new subscriptions a month to support the current ongoing functions of the ministry.

We are excited about these new challenges. The reality today is that we need to start by selling 300 subscriptions. The Lord has moved in great ways to show His favor on this ministry. We are excited and look forward to the great and mighty ways that our Father God will continue to provide. Thank you for your time, your prayers on our behalf and for your support. We anticipate a great year to come and look forward to serving the Bride of Christ worldwide both in teaching opportunities’ and via the World Wide Web.  Below is a breakdown for our goals in bringing these visions into existence.


Mike & Pat Caven

Estimate Cost for Vision

                                                                                                                      (this is approximate)


  • Intellectual Property Lawyer  (IT Lawyer)                                        $  3,000
  • Salary                                                                                                            $60,000
  • Relocating to Hawaii                                                                                $20,000
  • Transportation (Cars) Atlanta/Hawaii                                                $20,000


Total                                                                                                                 $103,000

      *300 Full Subscriptions Equals $105,000 


*          *          *

  Youth With A Mission (YWAM)

Kona, Hawaii