The Spirit of Leviathan

In describing Leviathan (Wikipedia)

In Jewish belief Leviathan is referenced in the Hebrew Bible in the Book of Job  (41:1-34,)  Psalms (74:12-14 & 104:24-26,) the Book of Isaiah (27:1)

It is described as

  • A Mythological Figure
  • A Sea Monster
  • A Dragon
  • A Powerful Enemy
  • The Fugitive Serpent
  • The Mighty One With Seven Heads
  • A Crocodile

How is this “Monster of the Sea” explained

  • Job 41 does the best job describing this Powerful Enemy we are up against
  • Its mythical – so we are not talking about a four-legged reptile with a mouth full of teeth, that has a skin like armor –           no this crocodile is a metaphor of something that is very dark and dangerous in the spirit realm
  • It lives in the deep sea or the ocean, the spiritual meaning is it resides in our deep unconscious mind
  • Of the seven descriptive names above it is the Crocodile that today we have the most understanding of

Let’s look at the Nile Crocodile

  • The Nile crocodile is one of the most dangerous species of crocodile’s and is responsible for great numbers of human deaths yearly
  • Crocodiles have extremely large mouths with an exceptionally powerful bite

The spiritual meaning;

  • in the spirit world their power comes from communication out of their mouth
  • Its distorted communication (unintended messages – or spiritual twisting of a message)

Crocodiles are the most social of reptiles

  • They are capable of cooperative hunting, while hunting larger prey, crocodiles swarm in with one holding the prey down as the others rip it apart

They are a very successful predator – called an ambush predator

  • The Nile Crocodile can wait for hours, days, and even weeks for the suitable moment to attack        
  • They live mostly underwater and are skilled at lying almost totally submerged and completely still while in the presence of their prey
  • Meaning you are not aware of them until they show themselves when they surface and attack

The Attributes of the Crocodile

  • The Crocodile mostly work nocturnally

The spiritual meaning;

  • They are mostly active during the night – night equals darkness therefore in the spirit realm they are active in the “dark”
  • With very good night vision
  • Also their smelling and their hearing senses are excellent and sharp
  • As well when their victim is in their presence they are able to sense when their prey feels threatened or distressed

Now blend this together with their being multiheaded (it can have many heads – Psalm 74:14)

It was you who crushed the “heads,”of Leviathan and gave it as food to the creatures of the desert

     Their heads could be Heads of:

  • Unforgiveness
  • Pride/Self-Importance
  • Unloving/Hateful/Self-Hatred
  • Rejection/Being Rejected/Rejecting
  • Critical/Judgmental/Accusing/Backbiting
  • Envious/Jealous
  • Bitter/Resentful

Leviathan shows itself for what it is:

an unforgiving, unloving and critical spirit operating in pride

It will take down anyone if given the opportunity

no matter how mature in the Lord a person is

if that person gives room to this spirit in their life

It is important to understand

  • You cannot successfully fight or attack this Multi-headed serpent for if you attack it you will go after one of the heads and the other heads will grab you and tear you apart

Yet God does have a strategy for killing this most powerful enemy within your life

In the spirit world what is Leviathan

Leviathan – A Strongman – A Principality

  • Most importantly you must realize that it is a spirit that you are up against
  • This spirit shows itself within you as a critical and judgmental attitude or mindset within your heart and mind towards another person or persons

What is the best way to describe this spirit

Leviathan is a proud spirit

  • It is the king over all the children of pride – meaning it operates in the area of pride
  • Unforgiveness and pride make a very powerful negative force in our life

What is the goal of the spirit of Leviathan – the primary way that it functions

  • The spirit of Leviathan wants to communicate to you, to attack you or through you to attack another
  • It perverts and twists communication
  • Leviathan turns people against one another
  • Relationships that God intended to be mutually nurturing and trusting and growing into deeper friendships
  • With a flood of irritation or animosity or frustration or malice or anger or suspicion towards you or you towards someone else
  • Leviathan destroys relationships and breaks up relationships
  • It is important to understand that it blocks and hinders the anointing of the Holy Spirit to the point we will not receive what God wants us to receive
  • It will stifle the life of God within us
  • The bottom line is that this spirit wants to kill you

You run into the spirit mainly twice in your journey

                1) When you are trying to get out of bondage

                2) Its goal is to stop you in whatever way it can, so that you cannot receive your inheritance

This spirit is assigned to keep you from walking in your inheritance


  • If it is successful – It will block the spiritual development within you  

This is what you need to recognize

  • The Spirit of Leviathan uses deception via communication to twist and destroy relationships – any negative thoughts about someone
  • Relationships that are going well – turn bad – they go poorly
  • Any negative thoughts and feelings that come up within you may not be all your own thoughts and feelings but the deep things of darkness trying to poison you towards another person 

Where does this spirit operate

  • Again in scripture it is a spirit that is always located in the deep sea, in the depths of the ocean,

            The Spiritual meaning

  • The deepest things of our mind
  • Within our deep and complex heart 
  • Leviathan shows itself to us in our inner world via our thoughts and feelings

Understanding The 3 Different Levels Of Our Mind

       There are three levels within our conscience

Our Conscious Mind

  • Right now at this moment – you are very aware of your surroundings

Our Sub-Conscious Mind

  • Any memory that has an emotion tied to it good or ba


  • I say to you, when is your birthday?
  • Instantly, that date pops into your mind
  • This kind of information is stored in your sub-conscious mind


Your Unconscious Mind and Heart

  • This is where all your attitudes, motives and desires are stored
  • We must learn that our attitudes, motives and desires, which blend with our emotions – trump our thoughts every time.


We see someone we dread, yet we are polite to them (which is good) but it is our inner world revealing our true  disposition towards them.

  • This is where your thoughts and feelings towards different relationships you have are stored
  • Your mind and heart share this information
  • More importantly – your mind and heart share the emotions tied with this information
  • This is important – for this is where, Romans 12:1-2 speaks of the transforming and renewing of the mind can only take place


I urge you, brothers and sisters in view of God’s mercy

to offer your bodies as a living sacrifice holy and pleasing to God

this is your true and proper worship

Do not conform to the pattern of this world

but be transformed by the renewing of your mind 

Then you will be able to test and approve what God’s will is

—his good pleasing and perfect will

The Spirit of Leviathan uses deception via communication to twist and destroy relationships

  • The more the spirit of Leviathan has access to your thoughts and feelings
  • The more vulnerable you will be to the spirit of Baal (Sexual Perversion)
  • Baal – any sexual perverted thoughts, imagination’s or behaviors
  • Baal shows itself to me in my feelings, or my thoughts
  • the Stronger the spirit Leviathan is with in me equals the Strength that Baal has within me


  • Baal’s strength impart is derived from the strength of Leviathan with me
  • In other words – as goes Leviathan within you – so goes Baal
  • Deal properly with Leviathan and you are able also to deal properly with Baal

Defeating The Leviathan Spirit

The Resolve,

You cannot attack or defeat the spirit of Leviathan, God must do it for you.  Your part, is to create a place of “love” in your heart for those who are attacking you.

There are three players in the Bible, who are good examples of facing off with those who wanted to kill them. 

  1. Joseph, after a long process had reconciliation with his brothers, with the story ending saying                                                           ” what the enemy had intended for evil, God used in their life for good.”

     2.  David, had King Saul actively trying to kill him – this went on for sometime and yet David only showed Saul respect.           

          Can you imagine facing off with someone who is “actively” trying to kill you – and you showing them respect? I can’t!

     3.  Jesus did this exactly with Judas at the Last Supper!  He could’ve said a lot to Judas – but he chose his words protecting

          Judas – Judas later would commit suicide.  I believe, that Jesus was clear from any fallout because of His choosing his

         words wisely.  The enemy could not throw the death of Judas at Jesus.