About 4000+ cases in US each year.

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Whenever A Christian Pursues Promiscuous Sex Of Any Kind,

They Willingly Drink From The Cup Of Deception,

Which Is Handed To Them By Satan.

 Mike Caven

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Street Names For Chancroid –


<span style=”Soft Chancre, Soft Sore, Soft Ulcer 

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Facts About Chancroid – 

<p style=”outline-width: 0px; outline-style: initial; outline-color: initial; font-size: 12px; vertical-align: baseline; margin – Caused by a capsule-shaped bacterium called Haemophilus ducreyi.

 – About 4000+ cases in US each year.

 – Spread by direct contact with a sore during any sex act. 

 – Ejaculation not needed to spread infection.

 – No mother to baby transmission.

 – Not spread by toilet seats or clothes.


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  Starts as tender bump on penis, inside or outside the vagina, rectum or anywhere.

 – 1-2 days later, the bump becomes a shallow sore that opens & deepens. Becomes painful & full of pus.

 – Lymph glands in groin get infected & swell so much they can burst. This swelling is called a bubo.

    The pus from the sore is infectious.  (click to view)

 – Sores may last for weeks and take months to heal.


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– The correct antibiotic will kill the bacterium. Your doctor determines which antibiotic to use.

 – No over-the-counter drugs work.

 – Chancroid can occur repeatedly and at the same sites.


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 – Only 100% completely safe option – choose not to have sex!

 – Latex condoms help but sores can be on or away from the penis.


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More Information

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