Is There Such a Thing As Safe Sex?

STD’s / STI’s Teaching 

 (part -1)


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Are You Thinking Of Entrusting You Life To This Little Piece Of Rubber? 

Rusty Wright

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Do Not Bite At The Bait Of Pleasure, Till You Know There Is No Hook Beneath It. 

 Thomas Jefferson

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Always Remember:


When It Comes To Allowing Any Sin In Your Life, 

The Choice Is Always Yours, 


You Never Ever Get To Choose The Consequences For That Sin.


Mike Caven


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Where Do You Want Your Life To Go?   

Don’t Rely On Chance.   

You Can Stack The Circumstances In Your Favor For A Full And Abundant Life. 


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Take Responsibility For Yourself!


   If You Are Really Wise, You’ll Think This Over… 

Psalm 107:43


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What Is Safe Sex? 

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Safe Sex Usually Means Having Sexual Relations (Sex) With Another Person In A Way That Prevents The Chance Of Catching A Sexually Transmitted Disease/Infection (STD/STI) Or Getting A Girl Pregnant.



Condoms Are Given As The Answer — But Are Condoms Really The Answer? 


The Implied Message Is That You Can Have Sex And No Bad Consequences Will Happen To You All You Will Get From The Experience Is Pleasure. What An Absolutely Perfect Situation (It Appears!)


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Below are the Questions for the;

“Is There Such A Thing As Safe Sex,” teaching.

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The Choice And The Challenge Seminar © 2006

Teaching 10

Questions About Is There Such a Thing As Safe Sex and STD’s / STI’s Teaching

                                                                  (All answers found on parts 1&2 of teaching “Safe Sex” and “STD/STI” pages)


1.   Do condoms protect someone from all STD/STI’s?                                                                                        YES     NO

2.   Is oral sex a form of safe sex?                                                                                                                            YES     NO

3.  Even using a condom, some STD’s can be caught just by skin to skin contact below the waist?             TRUE   FALSE

4.  What percent of the time do condoms fail to prevent pregnancy?                                                               5%     10%    15%

5.   Can a person have an STD/STI and be unaware of it?                                                                                   YES    NO

6.   What are the three types of organisms causing STD’s/STI’s?







7.   Is Abstinence 100% “Safe” in preventing disease and other consequences?                                              YES      NO

8.   Can STDs caused by viruses usually be cured?                                                                                                YES     NO  

9.   Can some STD’s/STI’s sometimes lay dormant within the body for extended periods of time?             YES     NO

10.  Is any kind of sex with another person outside of marriage also outside of the protection of God?        YES     NO

11.  Sin of any kind is always a choice, but do you ever get to choose the consequences for that sin?             YES      NO

12.  Do all condoms stop HIV and other viruses from potentially seeping through their pores?                     YES     NO

13.  Can you tell if a person has an STD/STI just by looking at them?                                                                 YES     NO 

14.  Currently, how many young people just in the U.S. are being infected with an STD/STI yearly?     (2010)                   

1 MILLION                   2 MILLION                   3 MILLION

15.   Do you believe that a guy who has been infected with an STD/STI or gotten a girl pregnant

       knowingly started out being aware that what they were about to do sexually with that other person

        was about to  effect them for weeks, months or in some cases the remainder of their lives?                         YES    NO