Cameroon, Africa


Safe Sex Teaching Presented To 165 High School Students In Africa



Thanks for recommending your web site for information on safe sex, STD’s/STI’s, and abstinence.  The questionnaire on the topics was a big hit with the students in Tombel, Cameroon, West Africa. I presented your material to three large High School classes, 50-60 students per room.  However, the students were so attentive during the presentation that you would have never guessed that the classes were so large. The last class was so interested in this topic that they willingly stayed after school to listen to me.

The students were divided into two competing groups. I read the question and the first group to answer correctly got a point.  We then discussed the topic.  The groups became very competitive and each wanted to win. Needless to say, the information was well received. 

Again, thanks for the information.

Joyce Kelly-Lewis, PhD