January 2014





Tucker, Ga.:  Mike Caven, drawing on three decades’ of experience caring for Christian men with out of control sexual issues, has taken his ministry online offering a clear understanding concerning the male sex drive from a Christ-centered perspective.

Restorepurity.com and Purity101.com are websites run by Mike Caven, whose Resurrection Life Ministries International is based in the Atlanta, Ga., area.  He offers advice, encouragement and resources to 3 different groups of Christian men.

The three groups are:

One: These sites provide Christ-centered material for men who have a desire to equip other men within their community.

Two: This material can be used for educational purposes concerning the male sex drive for young men and adolescent boys.

Three: For men who are presently struggling with an “internal out-of-control sex drive.” *                                      *Addictive behavior to Masturbation, being consumed by Lust, vulnerable to, or who have become addicted to Pornography.  

Restorepurity.com features articles, meditations, Bible teachings on issues like sexuality, lust, pornography and temptation.   A blog with over 240 relvant articles, this blog is continuously being updated with current articles from all over the world.  A YouTube Channel also with a growing library of video teachings so that visitors do not have to go looking around YouTube or to other websites where they might find materials that might cause them to stray. youtube.com/cleanbeforegod

Also included within Restorepurity.com is a 4 1/2 hour seminar titled: “The Choice and the Challenge.” The three topics within this seminar are: “Self-control and Masturbation,” “Lust, becoming Undeceived,” and “Defining Pornography.”  This seminar can greatly benefit all Christian men educating them, with a Christ centered understanding of their own sex drive.  (The Choice and the Challenge seminar has a cost of $30 per individual.)

Launched quietly in February 2010, Restorepurity.com has been expanded and developed, and already attracted more than 20,000 visits from 130 countries, largely through word of mouth among those familiar with Caven’s work.

Among those impacted by the website was one man “holding back tears of gratitude,” who wrote that the resources were “a lifesaver and changer.” The materials “had me understanding and confident in the real truth that God understood me in my pain and had the solution that broke through the lies and darkness in the place where I was,” he said.

Through the creation of Restorepurity.com, Caven has also developed Facebook-style group resource Purity101.com. Just launched, it offers additional resources, including extensive specialized curriculum, that aim to tap into the prayer support and encouragement available through small groups of men all pursuing the same goal.

While Restorepurity.com is aimed at individuals who are struggling, Purity101.com is intended to provide biblical teaching and encouragement about godly sexuality to all men. Caven also hopes that fathers and youth leaders will use the resource to offer Christ-centered sex education to young men.

At the heart of Purity101.com is a low-cost, private and secure online support network program for groups of up to a dozen participants. “The online group can complement weekly in-person meetings or stand on its own or be a blend of the two,” said Caven. “It’s also a great option for guys who travel a lot or who live in remote places.”

Many of the articles and teachings at the two websites cull from Caven’s personal life and work with Resurrection Life Ministries International, which he co-directs with his wife, Pat. Both having struggled with same-sex attraction, the couple married in 1982 and joined international missionary organization Youth With A Mission (YWAM) where they reached out to those dealing with sexual issues.

Serving in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, for 12 years, the Cavens relocated to the Atlanta area in 1992 when they took on Resurrection Life Ministries International  as a YWAM-affiliated ministry.  Through their ministry the Cavens counsel clients online, by phone and in person and also teach and speak at conferences and YWAM training centers.

Caven hopes that his new online programs will be an additional resource in what he says is the fight against a major assault on families and individuals. “We’re not competing with any of the other Christian websites that are out there addressing issues relating to sexuality and pornography,” he said. “We could use a thousand more promoting purity and holiness.”