Wash away all my iniquity and cleanse me from my sin.         Psalm 51:2

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What I had in my heart in writing this material is to give you something that would be helpful to you even if you have just sinned in some way sexually.  Sounds crazy, but my

thinking is that Satan has two
“sucker punches”  he always seems to use on most of us guys. The first punch,  he entices and/or seduces us (James 1:13-16  1 Peter 5:8.) Now let me get raw here, when we find ourselves consumed by anyone of these three sins, typically we are deceived into sinning most often first by way of lusting. Then for us who have access to the internet, when we want porn, 99.9% of the time we turn to this world wide web because it is available, cheap and anonymous. And we most often stay here till we have climaxed at least once. That’s the first “punch”‘ by Satan. Then the second punch comes “immediately” after the fact — when we are left sitting with our sin, shame and condemnation and with that, Satan starts in on accusing us.

It is my conviction that once this first punch is over, and if we are listening — it is often at that point we become aware of two forces within us, one, conviction, the other condemnation.   If we choose to focus on conviction, we know that conviction always comes to us by way of  the Holy Spirit, and what the Holy Spirit will be doing is encouraging us to repent.  He will be clear, gentle, and firm, pointing us to   the Cross of Jesus  But if we choose to listen to the enemy of our soul, Satan, at that moment, he will be speaking condemnation, shame and hopelessness and speaking it

very loudly.  So often in the midst of our sinning  we will  be given one of most likely many opportunities to respond to the leading

of the Holy Spirit to stop the insanity that we find ourselves in.  Or we will harden our hearts and continue in this spiral of downward addictive sinning. 

It is my desire to help guys right at that point with this website.  I would hope that anyone who comes here  would also learn to take the content on this site and become proactive with it.  Here is a collection of my own materials for men, plus those of other writers. I have adapted them specifically for addressing how to overcome”  these sin issues in our lives.  These other writers are credited at the beginning of Part One of  “Becoming Clean From Sin.”

If it is your intent to seriously address breaking the power of Lust, Masturbation or Pornography within your life by using this material, then plan on visiting this site daily (several times a day if necessary) for however long it takes for your heart and mind to be renewed and these powers to be broken in your life.  

It is my hope that the end result is for you to find yourself, clean and pure” before our Father God, dealing properly with your sin at the Cross of Jesus, and celebrating your relationship as a son of the Living God – your Heavenly Father.

This website is dedicated to helping Christian men resolve the issues of Lust, Masturbation and/or Pornography currently over-powering them in their lives.  If you are looking for help right now, I would suggest you go to the “Help I’m Struggling  Now!” for breaking the power of these sins in your life.  For understanding these three topics, go to: The Choice and the Challenge” seminar.  


Blessings and Success, 

your brother in Christ, 

Mike Caven 

Resurrection Life Ministries International