...the LORD gives wisdom, and from his mouth come knowledge and understanding.

He holds victory in store for the upright, he is a shield to those whose walk is blameless,  

Proverbs 2:6-7

Restore Purity provides Christ-centered education, help and encouragement for all men within the Body of Christ worldwide in the area concerning their sexuality. Our desire to serve is motivated by a biblical foundation of compassion, grace, truth, and a dependency on our Mighty God, plus a personal awareness that the power of sexual sin can only be broken by a greater power, “The Power of the Cross Of Jesus.” It is our hope that this site highlights the wisdom found within the Holy Scriptures concerning a man’s sex drive.

Here we place a great emphasis on a growing trust with our Father God, teaching men to allow Him to have access to and meet their deep heart needs on an ongoing daily bases. The unmet needs of the heart drive the sexual struggle. It is our hope and desire to equip our brothers in Christ to experience the “abundant life,” (John 10:10) and “the plans,” that are yours (Jeremiah 29:11) as men walk free and unhindered from any unresolved sexual struggles in their lives.

This website is a tool that if implemented properly will contribute to any individual becoming “mature in Christ.” (Hebrews 5:14.)

On this site you will find several teachings that are what we call “Secondary Symptoms” which in part contribute to out of control behavior concerning lust, masturbation and pornography, for example issues such as: anger, loneliness, rejection.

We have also provided you with specific teachings on “Being Equipped,” which are Christian Disciplines, for example, renewing the mind, spiritual warfare, understanding strongholds.

Within this site you can also view a sampling of the three primary ingredients that make up the solid foundation of our Christian faith, which are:

– “Who Are God Is,” 13 meditations on the nature and character of God.

– “The Cross Of Jesus,” 12 meditations on the sufficiency of the death of Jesus to heal us.

– “Our Identity As A Son,” 24 pages of affirmations of truth.

There are many articles and videos to review.  Also we have been very encouraged by testimonies from guys who have come to this site struggling with porn and after spending time in our Praise and Worship section have come away strengthen in their hearts and souls.  

Finally, you will also find teachings and YouTube videos on the 8 most common STD’s provided by a top Christian MD from the Center for Disease Control (CDC). 

We have not told you about everything that is on this site, so look around and come back often. We have created this site to serve the men within the body of Christ.  It is our prayer that your time here will strengthen, encourage and refresh you.   


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If You Come To This Website Discouraged.

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Go right to your Identity As A Son section of this site and let that be your starting point.  Review these truths as often as needed, be it once a day or several times a day, till these truths effect your heart and soul.  The reality is, all scriptural truth is the foundation to the Peace, Healing, Victory and Freedom we desire to experience in our lives.  We believe that our Father God, and our Lord Jesus Christ and

the Holy Spirit, they each are:
All Present,  All Powerful and  All Knowing.
We need to learn that it is our God’s desire to

support us, help us, rescue us and/or deliver us, yet this can only take place when we
allow Him the freedom to move in our lives.  C
ome back to  your Identity As A Son as often as you need!  

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If You Need Guidence Concerning Unconfessed Sin In Your Life.

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It is our heart’s desire that after reading the teaching on Repentanceyou will want to repent and if you have applied these truths, then you will be “clean and pure” before our Heavenly Father.

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