Who may ascend the hill of the LORD ? 

Who may stand in his holy place?

He who has clean hands and a pure heart…

Psalm 24:3-4


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(This seminar will be apart of “Phase II” of this website once we have the resources to build it) 

The Choice and The Challenge

A Seminar on Men and Sexual Purity 

By Mike Caven

Society today is awash with sexual stimuli from every vantage point.  It is crucial that we as Christian men equip ourselves to stand against the onslaught.  By under-girding the bond of brotherhood within the Christian community. The Choice and the Challenge is a four-hour seminar on male sexual purity that will do just that.  


1.         Self-Control and Masturbation-Walking in Maturity (Hebrews 5:14)

A. Understanding conviction, condemnation, guilt and shame

  B. The purpose of our sex drive

  C. Walking in our inheritance

2.         Lust-Becoming Undeceived (St. Augustine)

 A. Understanding desire and lust

 B. Satan and the art of deception

 C. A cancer of the soul 

3.         Pornography-Flee From Idolatry (1 Corinthians 10:14)

A.  Pornography is idolatry

 B.  Pornography is devoted to destruction

C.  No vile thing

4.        The Resolve, He Restores My Soul (Psalm 23)

A.  Knowing God and His ways

 B.  Deep heart needs

 C. Establishing priorities



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This seminar is intended to get into the hands of all Christian men and male teens first and foremost, then parents, pastors and counselors.   The seminar is 4  hours in length and intended to give knowledge and understanding concerning the topics of; Lust, Masturbation and Pornography. Point four :The Resolve.” which is an overview of this site www.restorepurity.com.  Will always be free and available to whomever.  

(Phase Two of this project — not yet in  place) The DVD’s and the website are designed to complement each other.  For from the website you are able to download both the Questions and Answers plus the handouts for each teaching on the DVD’s. 

It is our intent to re-record the entire 4 hour seminar by yea (before a live audience.)  Feedback from this current recording is that the content is excellent, yet my anointing seems to come across when I present it live.  If you purchase this present DVD series, you “will” receive the new copy of the seminar once it is completed. For it is from the sells of this current material that we will be able to do the re-recording and launch the new website we desire.

Also on the site is a “Male Sexuality Survey.”  There are 28 questions and if you review it you will see we leave no stone unturned. It is intended for Men’s groups and it is designed to be totally anonymous.  Its purpose it to give a pulse as to the needs of the men concerning these 3 issues in their lives.

This survey is part of the seminar and we will set it up for you to use one time for free.  Please let me know if you are interested in pursuing using the survey.  If you do choose to use it more than once, the cost will be $100.00 per use for your men. But as I said, the first time is for free when you purchase the entire seminar.

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