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…let us draw near to God with a sincere heart in full assurance of faith,

having our hearts sprinkled to cleanse us from a guilty conscience


having our bodies washed with pure water.

Hebrews 10:22

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This material is all about the Father/son relationship

our Heavenly Father wants to have with you.

And within that

relationship He wants to awaken the warrior within you! 

Properly apply this material to your life

and you will experience the 


you are after! 

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If you are at this site looking for help because you find yourself consumed with lust and/or porn and want to have there power broken over you — then start here on this page “Becoming Clean From Sin.”  

Below you will find several short testimonies of men who have applied these truths to their lives. These testimonies are here to encourage you to pursue what you are after:

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A First Time Visitor Wrote In And Said:

Mike:  This site is so well focused, it helps the very first time you use it … I intend to re-visit often to continue to gain control of my life through the Father.  Thank you,  for this ministry …

What One Young Man Said To Me:

Mike, what I like about the Restore Purity website, is you back everything up with scripture and I know, that is what stops Satan and his demons in their tracks.  He when on to say;  when the warrior within him is awaken,  — “it’s a bad day for demons.”

A Brother Facing The Issue Of Porn In His Life: 

 I have come to understand one of the ways I am vulnerable to porn is that the fact is “Pornography is a visual attack.”  And for me, the youtube videos found under “Praise And Worship’ on Restore Purity’s website leave me in a state of “awe and wonder” of my God’s love for me.  It is in the first 15 or so videos/songs here on this site, that help me to be proactive in strengthening my inner man against the schemes of the evil one.

From An Honest Brother:

As one who is still vulnerable to the cycle of sexual insanity in my life, I was greatly encouraged in the truths of the Father’s love towards me, and moreover, received valuable tools to proactively stand in His love and to triumph over the lies of the enemy.

A Grateful Brother in Christ:

Mike, thanks  for your advice, I much appreciate it and value it, coming from one who has great authority and anointing in that area. I started reading the identity as a son section on the website and it’s really good. I can definitely feel on the website how much love you have put into it to help the children of God overcome lust, porn and other sexual problems. It is anointed material. I am going to read through it and am excited.

A Father Who Struggles:

I have struggled with understanding Gods love for me for a very long time.  I always felt I have to do something really special to earn it…because I didn’t feel I deserved His love. Although I have two sons, and I love them with all my heart, and want only what’s good for them. I still couldn’t mentally transfer that fatherly unconditional love to myself personally. There is always a battle in my mind about who I am to God, and how He sees me as his child…His son.

I’m thankful this web site exists, especially for “Identity as a son” and that some took the time and effort to meticulously articulate the love, compassion, and concern, God has for me. And the words that are so poetically written are backed up with scriptures.

I try to make this a daily part of my devotion, but it especially helps when I feel alone, scared, and when I find myself being hard on me, for mistakes I have made, and all the stuff from my past that “I” have a difficult time letting go of. I can be reminded by reading this that God does NOT feel the same way about me that I sometimes feel about myself. For me understanding God’s love for me, that  I am his son is the foundation for my success in my walk with Him, loving myself, growing my relationship with Him, and walking in His will…NOT MINE. And it makes the difference between running FROM God, and running TO Him.


(I recently received this email) 

Hello. I have been dealing with homosexuality for a while now and I don’t wanna be this way anymore!! I have tried to fight it, but sometimes it seems overwhelming! I have nobody to talk to about this, I’m scared because I want to have a true relationship with Christ, but I feel that I can’t because of this spirit I’m trying to fight! I really need help! I feel as though this is the life for me and there is no hope!! I’m so close to accepting the fact that I can’t be delivered and there is no hope for me! Is there anything I can do? I’ve been spending time with God, reading my bible, praying, and it just seems like nothing is working!! 

After reading this e-mail, I responded by asking this young man to give me a call, which he did. I told him to go to this site, go right to the “Identity As a Son,” and apply all what he would read there, which he did and he sent me a second e-mail saying: 

Mike, I want to thank you for guiding me in that direction!! I knew God loved me, but I never thought that he could or would see through all my faults and my sins!! Thank you for opening my eyes! I now know that I have authority over my thoughts and my situation!! I know that

I have power, freedom, healing and COMPLETE victory over my life and issues!! As soon as I was done with

repenting for all of my wrong doing, I was already rejoicing!! I could just feel God moving in me and I could feel them celebrating in my freedom! I can now go out and battle Satan like a true soldier that God has called me to be from birth! I have put on my armor and I am ready to battle every evil spirit that comes to me!! Although I know that I am just starting and I may fall back, I know that God won’t look at me any different if I just repent from it and get back up and keep fighting the fight of faith!! This website was just what I needed to sustain the relationship with my Heavenly Father!


 *           *          *          *         *

Once you have read and applied the truths within this section, proceed to the next section,

“Our Identity As A Son.” 

Then, when you are clean and pure before our Father in heaven,

go ahead and explore the rest of this site. 

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Becoming Clean From Sin.”


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Let me give you a little understanding of the training you are about to begin here. 

We  use both lust and pornography to create fantasies in which

we ourselves are at the center of these imaginary delusions that we are 
entertaining or viewing. Whenever we include masturbation with either of them it too becomes sin. The bottom line is that lust and pornography are deceptions. A deception is a lie and lies, if  we continually focus on them they can become strongholds within our hearts.  

The opposite of a lie — is truth.  One of the descriptive phrases within scripture for truth is called the “Sword of the Spirit.”  It is truth that will be the essence of what we will be using to destroy these lies that have become embedded within our thoughts, our hearts and our souls. This is what “Our Identity as a Son of the Living God” is all about.

Embracing the truths about who our God is, and about what He has done for each of us at the cross, plus they are about what He thinks and says concerning each of us, and the relationship He desires to have with each of us, then finally, our response to all of this. It is within these proclamations, that you will find what is needed to break the power over any lust, pornography or habitual masturbation that is presently controlling you.

What you are about to read (and speak aloud) covers several pages,  it will take an average of 3 to 5 minutes to read each page. It will be important for you to become  pro-active with this material in order for it to be effective for  the victory you are after.  If you use this material to confront any issue of lust presently attempting to overpower you, read aloud as many pages needed until you defeated that lust.  In order for this material to have life within it you must believe in what you are professing — here it is important to ask our Father God for help to that end.  

The purpose of scrolling down the page helps you to slow down and focus on what you are professing to your Heavenly Father, your own self and also to the enemy of your

 Satan, the father of the lies, the lies that we have  been believing. The fact is in reading this material loud enough that you can hear your own voice, what you are doing is spiritually washing your mind, soul and spirit (Ephesians 5:26.)  Also as you are going through these proclamations, please allow the Holy Spirit to sometimes cause you to stop and meditate upon a certain truth, allowing the Holy Spirit to minister to your deep heart.

Now please also slow down and ponder this next piece of information I am about to give you, for it is extremely important and necessary that you have this understanding to gain the victories over these sin issues you are after.  I realize in asking you to read this material aloud and also the scrolling down you need to do to view all the content here is

a humbling experience.  Yet in your quest to break any lust, pornography or habitual masturbation within your life.  You need to become aware that before you can succeed in gaining the
“victories” that you are after, first you must break any “Pride” or “Unbelief”

 within you.  For it is either one or both of these two issues, (they are like bodyguards) blocking you from destroying these other sins that have had control over you.  Recall the story of Naanam the great man.  He got his healing by humbling himself and doing something that he thought was foolish, you can read his story in 2 Kings 5:1-14.

In this first part, I will show you a scripture that says:  …he was trained for battle.”  Are battles easy? No!  But the reality is the Devil is out to kill us, this is his goal (John 10:101 Peter 5:8.) But part B of John 10:10 tells us Jesus goal for our life.   I am convinced that if you follow these instructions, the “least” that will happen is that you will start experiencing a greater measure of self-control concerning any lust, pornography or habitual masturbation that you are dealing with.  Realize that you are learning how to “win” these battles and your challenge is to keep fighting until you own the truths of these scriptures you are about to be professing from your mouth.

Again, it is pride and/or unbelief  that you must put your sword to first, in order to walk in the victories our Father God has for you.      

The intent of what you are about to read is to help you to become “clean and pure” in your mind, soul and spirit.   Plus, you will also be renewing your mind, for this material is intended to replace any issues of lust presently within your heart.  

Next, this material is only part of what is needed in experiencing what our Heavenly Father has for each of us. Another part is two or three mature brothers in Christ whom you trust and they are aware of the battles you are presently facing.  For  they can support you daily in prayer.  And it will be these brothers that when needed, you will be able to turn to and confess any sins you have committed and they can pronounce forgiveness over you when necessary (John 20:23.) Which is sometimes needed to obtain a clear conscious. 

Now concerning any lust within our lives, most often we begin entertaining lust first in our minds. Then, when we are alone, we take that lust further with masturbation or we look for pornography to inflame it more. This site is designed to help during these times. If you are presently aware that you are dealing with any lust within you, bypass the “options” for studying any of the other material on this site.  Read through “Our Identity as a Son” first,  then go back and study these other options. Unless I indicate otherwise with red text.

For many of us lust has been entrenched deep within our hearts and souls for years, if not decades, if this is your situation, immersing yourself in this material on an ongoing bases will likely be necessary till you control the thoughts within your inner world.  The first three pages of this material is intended to prepare you for properly confronting these sin issues in your life. Include these first three pages each and every time you stumble or fall into any sin.  Also if you are still vulnerable to either lust or porn to the point that they have become an addiction in your life, I strongly recommend that you spend time in the: The Blood And The Cross Of Jesus – Praise and Worship section of this site especially focusing on the first 15 songs/movies, for they are all about “The Cross of Jesus” and “The Blood of Jesus.” 

I use the New International Version Bible (NIV) in this material, but you can click on each scripture to read your preferred translation. You will see light gray text under several options, they are there to inform you of the theme you will be reading about if you choose that particular option.  “DO NOT” read the light gray text aloud.

A word to my sisters in Christ who also maybe using this material.  Within all this material I use the biblical word, “Sons” which includes you.  This might be difficult for some of you to use this word, if so, go ahead and substitute it with the word “Daughter.”  But in reality, it is you who will get the last laugh, for also throughout scripture, it is His “Sons” that are described as His “Bride.”   Again, all this material is intended to be read aloud when possible: 

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