Rejection Questions



  1. Rejection hurts most when we experience it from someone we ______________________________________on,


_______________________________________or even_____________________________________________. 


  1. Does God understand rejection?                                                                                   Yes                          No 


  1. Has God ever experienced this pain of rejection?                                                             Yes                           No


  1. Is it even possible for God to experience rejection?                                                          Yes                           No


  1.     Has God felt forsaken!                                                                                                    Yes                          No


  1. A dictionary definition of the word “forsaken “is: “to appear ____________________ or____________________


     because one has felt __________________________________ or____________________________________ .”


  1. What are two attributes and characteristics that God and man share. the ability to_____________________  and


experience ________________________________________________________________________________. 


  1. Isaiah 53:3says: “He was ___________________________________ and ________________________ of men,


      a man of ____________________________________ and acquainted with _____________________________.


  1. What did Jesus cry out in Matthew 27:46? ________________________________________________________


              why have you______________________________________________________________________________


  1.   The fact that the real problem for us is more likely the ________________________________________________       


            than __________________________________________________________________________________ itself.


  1. YetI John 4:18tells us that: “There is ____________________________ in love; but _______________________


             _______________________________________________________________________________casts out fear.


  1. Therefore, the antidote to fear is __________________________________________________________________