Questions For Pride Teaching


1) The American heritage dictionary defines pride in both a positive and negative way. The negative definition in part is:   


    An excessively __________________________________________________________________________________


    of oneself; ______________________________________________________________________________________


2) On the list of the “Seven Deadly Sins,” what position does “pride” hold? ______________________________________


3) C.S. Lewis is reported to have said: That of all the sins Pride carries with it the ________________________________

    and  separate man from man, and man from God.


4) What are the consequences of Pride?


  1. a) It brings_________________________________________________________________________________


  1. b) It brings _________________________________________________________________________________


  1. c) It produces _______________________________________________________________________________

                 (lack of respect)


  1. d) It _______________________________________________________________________________________

                (reduces something in quality or value)


  1. e) It produces ______________________________________________________________________________ 

                 oppression and ultimately abominations! 


5) What is the source of pride? Much like unbelief, __________________________________________________of men.


6) In I John 2:16– John describes pride in this way: For everything in the world the ___________________of sinful man, 


    the ___________________________________of his eyes and the ________________________________________    

    and does comes not from the Father but  from the world.  


7) Where the first known source of sinful pride appeared In_________________________________________________



8) What are the two parts for remedy for pride?


     One: ___________________________________________________________________________________


    Two: ____________________________________________________________________________________


9) What brings praise both in the Old and the New Testament and by our Lord Himself ____________________________    

    (not humiliation!)


10) Please write out this scripture 1 Peter 5:5   ___________________________________________________________




11) In 2 Chronicles 7:14 it says: My people who are _____________________________________________by My name


       ______________________________________________________________________________________and pray


       and seek My face and ________________________then I will hear from ___________________________________


       heaven, ___________________________________________________________________and will heal their land.”



12) What is the final consequence to humbling ourselves?_________________________________________________