Answers for Teaching on Bitterness


  1. What is the quote that is an  “Old Irish Proverb” for this teaching?


Bitterness is the poison you drink, hoping the other person will die.


  1. Hebrews 12:15 says: We Are To Have – No Root Of Bitterness


  1. Give three of the nine words that the dictionary defines as the type of bitterness this teaching refers to as:

Causing Pain,             Piercing,         Stinging,         Intense Antagonism,               Hostility,

Resentful,                   Cynical,          Distrustful,      Contemptuous


  1. In the book of Ruth, Naomi wanted her name change from Naomi  which means:

Pleasant or Sweet to Mara, which means; Bitter



  1. In 2 Samuel 6:16 describes Michal when she turned bitter towards David with the words

 “she despised him in her heart.”


  1. Of the two woman in these two examples given in this teaching, which story ended properly resolving the


              issue of bitterness her life? – Naomi  and which ended in failure?  Michel


  1. How does 2 Samuel 6:23 describe how Michel’s life ended?   

 “Michal the daughter of Saul  had no childto the day of her death.”  


  1.      InExodus 15:25 where did the ultimate resolve concerning bitterness come from?  It came from The Lord.


  1.    Who helped Naomi overcome her bitterness?  Ruth


  1. What does a “root of bitterness” growing in your heart ultimately produce?  Poisonous Fruit


  1. Bitterness can be a false remedy to:  Medicate the pain


  1. Bitterness can kill, but it can be overcome.  What are the first two steps this teaching recommends? 


    1) Surrendering it to the Lord.


           2) Seeking the help of a support system.