Answers For Pride Teaching


1) The American heritage dictionary defines pride in both a positive and negative way. The negative definition in part is:   


    An excessively high opinionof oneself; conceit



2) On the list of the “Seven Deadly Sins,” what position does “pride” hold?  It is at the Top


3) C.S. Lewis is reported to have said: That of all the sins Pride carries with it the greatest ability to divide   

    and  separate man from man, and man from God.


4) What are the consequences of Pride?


  1. a) It brings dishonor


  1. b) It brings destruction


  1. c) It produces insolence(lack of respect)


  1. d) Itdebases(reduces something in quality or value)


  1. e) It produces selfishness oppression and ultimately abominations! 


5) What is the source of pride? Much like unbelief, pride finds its source in the will of men.


6) In I John 2:16– John describes pride in this way: For everything in the world the cravingsof sinful man, 


    the lustof his eyes and the boasting of what he hasand does comes not from the Father but  from the world.  


7) Where is the first known source of sinful pride appeared In Satan himself


8) What are the two parts for remedy for pride?


    One: to acknowledge who God is and


    Two:humble ourselves before Him. 


9) What brings praise both in the Old and the New Testament and by our Lord HimselfHumility  

    (not humiliation!)


10) Please write out this scripture 1 Peter 5:5   “God is opposed to the proud, but gives grace to the humble”


11) In 2 Chronicles 7:14 it says: My people who are called byMy name humble themselvesand pray and seek My   

      face and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven, will forgive their sinand will heal their land.”


12) What is the final consequence to humbling ourselves?  Healing