Answers for Loneliness Teaching

1) The dictionary defines “loneliness” as being “destitute of sympathetic or supportive companionship” and also uses the

     words “solitary, remote, desolate,bleak, and isolated     

2) In Genesis 2:18a what did God say?  “It is not good for the man to Be Alone

3) And in part “b” of this verse, what did God do to solve this problem?  Made him a helper suitable for him

4) Whena person is alone, or  lonely  God calls that situation  not good  and then God always provides a solution

5) What are the three experiences mention in this teaching that tell us that Jesus the Son of Man can relate to loneliness       

     the same way we do.

                        1) In John 11:35: Jesus weptover the lost of a friend.

                        2) In John 1:11:  We see Jesus was rejected by His own people.

                        3) In Matthew 27:46 We See that Jesus was separated from His own Father

6) What are some internal issues that can cause loneliness?  

– Anxietyin relating to others.

– Feelings of not beingvalued by other

– Feelings worthlessness 

– A fearof intimacy, often a consequence of

– A fear of rejection

7)In truth, loneliness resulting from these issues in question 8 are more often than not – Self-imposed

8) “Why does God see loneliness as bad?  Because it is clear from Scripture that God feels,– and thatrelationshipsare

       very important to Him.

9) What is the Greek word that was used to describe the relationship Christians should have with one another, and by

      implication that they should have with God. Koinonia

10) What does “Koinonia mean?   “Communion byintimateparticipation”.

11) What is the truth that Satan does not want us to know?  That God  loves usandaccepts us totally

12) What did Brother Lawrence practice that can resolve any issues of Loneliness? the presence of God.