Questions For Sexual Idolatry Teaching

For Your Information: All Answers Are Found On The Blue Slides Throughout Each Teaching


Point One


1) Point One For This Teaching Is: Responding In The Opposite Spirit: ________________________________________.


2) Leviticus 18:24Says:  “‘Do Not _____________________________ Yourselves In  Any Of These Ways, Because This


   Is How The Nations That I Am Going To __________________________Before You Became ___________________.


3) What Are The Two Definitions For Idolatry?


  1. Idolatry Is Based On The ____________________________ That Something Or Someone ________________


              ________________________________ Can Really Make Me _______________________________________.


  1.   Idolatry Can Be Defined As Filling Our Need For ____________________________________________________

            (Affection, Affirmation, Acceptance, Approval, Validation)    


           With Something Or Someone _________________________________________ Rather Than With God Himself. 


4) What Are The Two Things We Cannot Do “If” We Have Lust (Sin) In Our Heart?


  1. It Is Impossible To ____________________________________________________________________________.


  1. It Is Impossible To Do ________________________________________________________________________


Point Two


5) What Is Point Two?  Dealing ___________________________________________________________With Our Sins.


6) Sexual Idolatry And __________________________________________________________Are One And The Same.


7) According To Scripture What Are The Three Things That Pornography Destroys?








8) 1 Kings 18:21 Says: Elijah Went Before The People And Said,


    “How Long Will You______________________________________________________________________________


      ___________________________________________________________________________________Follow Him


       ___________________________________________________________________________________Follow Him


Point Three


 9) What Is Point Three? _________________________________________________________________ From Idolatry


10) What Does 2 Timothy 2:22 Say? ___________________________________________________________________


     And Pursue Righteousness, Faith, Love And Peace, Along With Those Who Call  On The Lord Out Of A



11) What Does 1 Corinthians 10:14Say?


      Therefore, My Dear Friends, ______________________________________________________________________.


12) What Does Mark 12:28-30Say? “…Of All The Commandments, Which Is The Most Important?” “The Most Important 


     One,” Answered Jesus,   “Is This: ‘Hear, O Israel: The Lord Our God, The Lord Is One.


     Love The Lord Your God With All Your _____________________And With All Your ___________________________


      And With All Your _____________________________________And With All Your __________________________