Answers For Sexual Addiction Teaching

(For Your Information:  All Answers Are Found On The Blue Slides (on Videos) Throughout Each Teaching).


Point One



  1. Fill In The Blanks For Point One:

My Great Concern Is Not Whether You Have Failed But Whether You Are Content With Your Failure

  1. To Believe A Lie Is To Empower A Lie.


  1.   What Are The Six Words Found In Scripture That Are Associated With This Teaching On Sexual Addiction?

                                            1) Strongholds       2) Idolatry       3) Slavery        4) Cursed         5) Sin          6) Death


  1. According To Patrick Carnes What Are The Three Lies That Sex Addicts Believe About Themselves?  


                                                                                           1.) I’m Basically A BadAnd Unworthy Person.


                                                                                                                                               2.) No One Loves Me As I Am.


                                                   3 ) My Needs Are Never Going To Be MetIf I’m Going To Have To Depend On Others.


  1. What Did Leonardo De Vince Say? One Can Have NoSmallerOr GreaterMasteryThat The Mastery Of Oneself.


Point Two


  1. Fill In The Blanks For Point Two:  

   While We May Not Be Able To ControlAll The That Happens To Us, We Can Control What Happens InsideUs.”


  1. 2 Peter 2:19 Says: For A Man Is A SlaveTo Whatever Has MasteredHim.


Point Three


  1. Fill In The Blanks For Point Three: It Is NeverTo Late To Be What You MightHave Been.



  1. Isaiah 5;20 Says:


           “Woe To Those Who Call Evil GoodAnd Good Evil, Who Put  Darkness For LightAnd Light For Darkness…”


  1. Sexual Addiction Is Good For Nothing


  1. Deuteronomy 11:26-28 Says; “ See I Am Setting Before You Today A Blessing And A Curse…”


12, Romans 6;23 Says: For The Wages Of Sin Is Death, But The Gift Of God Is Eternal Life  In Christ Jesus Our Lord.”