Point One


1) What Is The Goal For This Teaching?                                                          Becoming Undeceived


2) Desire Enhances Love, But Lust Is Toxic, Where?                                                  Within Our Soul


3) If The Goal Of Desire Is A Deeper Relationship. Then What Is The Goal Of Lust?             A Climax


4) If Desire Respects The Other Person, Then What Does Lust Do?           It Uses The Other Person


Point Two


5) What Is Point Two?                                                Satan Is The Master At The Art Of Deception


6) How Do We Most Often Use Lust? We Most Often Use Lust?                 To Numb Our Heart Pain


7) In Matthew 5:29-30 What Is The Take Away In Those Verses? 

                                                               That We Are To Deal Radically With “Any” Sin In Our Life



Point Three


8) In Point Three The Title Says That Lust Is?                                       Lust Is A Cancer To Our Soul


9) Satan Uses Lust, Why?                                                                     He Wants To Be Your Master


10) What Does Lust Always Bring To Your Soul?                    Lust Always Brings War To Our Soul


11) Another Way Lust Is Describe Is That Lust Is A Form Of?                                            Medicating


12) If You Are Always Lusting, Are You A Sex Addict Within Your Inner World?  In God’s Eye’s – Yes