The Choice And The Challenge Seminar © 2006

Teaching 7

Answers For Defining Pornography

For Your Information: All answers are found on the blue slides (on Videos) throughout each teaching



Point One


1) What Is The Goal For This Teaching?                                                                                                  Flee From Idolatry


2) The Name For Our God In This Point Is, “Our God Is A Warrior.                              

   ”What Is He At War Against?                                                                                          


                            He Is At War Against And Will Be Victorious Over All That Is Evil And Harmful To Us In Our Lives


3) What Is Point One For This Teaching?                                                                                        Pornography Is Idolatry


4) Write Out James 1:16?                                                                                         Don’t Be Deceived My Dear Brothers



Point Two


5) What Is Point Two Of This Teaching?                                                            Pornography Is Devoted To Destruction


6) What Is The Definition For Pornography?                                                                 


                                  The Depiction Of Any Erotic Material, Behavior Or Acts Intended To Cause Sexual Excitement


7) What Is The Definition For Addiction?                                                                    


                                                           When You Repeatedly Return To Pornographic Material For Sexual Excitement


8) What Is The Definition For Escalation?


                                                                         To Increase, To Intensify, It’s A Need For The Content To Be Stronger


9) What Is The Definition For Desensitization?                                                                  


                                                                                                                           To Be Emotionally Insensitive Or Callous


10) What Is The Definition For Acting Out?                                                                       


                                                                                   What Starts In Private Eventually Affects Real Life Relationships



Point Three

11) What Is Point Three Of This Teaching?                                Psalm 101:3 “I Will Set Before My Eyes No Vile Thing”

12) How Does Satan Use Pornography?    


He Wants To Seduce You – Making You One Of His  Slaves


He Wants To Weaken Your Will


He Wants To Teach Sex His Way


He Wants To bring you into addiction with you being unaware of it until it is to late