Answers For Condemnation or Conviction Teaching



  1. Where are we to be in order to be assured that there is no condemnation in our life? In Christ



  1. The Definition for the word “justified” carries with it two meanings at the same time, one is “not condemned” and the other is:


Made Righteous



  1. Condemnation comes from two different sources – who are they? Satan – Ourselves



  1. Are we to continue in sin so that grace may increase? No, we are to die to sin



  1. Condemnation brings you only. Hopelessness                                              



  1. Conviction will always point us towards. Repentance



  1. Two of Jesus’ disciples sinned against Him grievously, and both regretted it, who were they?   

            Peter and Judas



  1.        Condemnation tells me that:  I am something wrong



  1.        Conviction tells me that:  I have done something wrong



  1. Conviction draws me to the Cross of Jesus so that I may go there and confess and to


               Be cleansed of my sins



  1. Condemnation tries to keep me away from the Cross of Jesus because?


        The Enemy Does Not Want Me To Repent!



  1. Complete this quote: Always Remember, In Your Father God’s Eye’s


              Failure In Your Life Is Just An Event It Is Never Your Identity